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Our mission

At PAWR, we're passionate about giving our dogs the best. That's why we've created our innovative plant-based dog food.

Our mission? To boost our dogs' health and support sustainability. How do we do it? With 15 years of know-how in dog nutrition, we make plant-based dog food filled with superfoods, proudly produced in The Netherlands!

Our founders

PAWR was born out of a desire from experts who saw the urgent need to revolutionize dog nutrition. Founded by a dynamic father-daughter team—a veterinarian and a nutritionist—their vision led to the creation of plant-based dog food. Formulated on years of experience, science and innovative insights.

NEW: Healthy Habits

Meet our brand new product: Healthy Habits - complete plant-based dog food with superfood crunchies.

Available in 2,5 kg and 7 kg.

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